Convert a sentence into a mathematical expression or an equation Exercise

Yesterday, Lucy had n apples. Today she bought 4 new apples but used a third of the total to make a pie.

How many apples does she have now?

Paul is \(\displaystyle{n}\) years old. In five years, Emma will be three times as old as Paul.

How old is Emma now?

Louise had \(\displaystyle{n}\) dollars yesterday. She bought a purse with \(\displaystyle{\dfrac{1}{5}}\) of her money. Then, she went to a bookshop and bought some books using \(\displaystyle{\dfrac{2}{3}}\) of the remainder of her money.

How much money does she have now?

Chloe had \(\displaystyle{n}\) books. She lost one of the books and read two thirds of the remaining books. What is the number of books Chloe has not read?

What is the sum of five times a number n and one third of its half?

Paul and Luise have \(\displaystyle{n}\) cards in total. Paul has 4 cards less than three times as many as Louise.

How many cards does Paul have?

Adam has a full jug of lemonade. He fills \(\displaystyle{a}\) glasses, which have a capacity of 0.2 liter each, and the jug remains \(\displaystyle{\dfrac{3}{8}}\) full.

How much is the capacity of the jug in terms of \(\displaystyle{a}\) ?