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The parents of our students testify

Céline S.

"Kartable has provided my daughter with extremely well-structured classes, with important concepts highlighted and illustrated by examples..."

Céline S.

Isabelle L.

"Kartable is an excellent and extremely comprehensive platform. Thanks to the site, my daughter was able to maintain her progress with classes taught remotely during the lockdown..."

Isabelle L.

Catherine S.

"Thanks to Kartable, my children always benefit from complete and structured courses. No more excuses like "I didn't write it down" or "the teacher didn't say it." Kartable is the perfect enhancement to their schoolwork."

Catherine S.

Tuyet Anh P.

"My daughter uses Kartable to do exercises related to lessons she's studying at school. It's a nice change from paper! She loves it when she answers correctly."

Tuyet Anh P.

Prescillia R.

"Kartable lets my daughter do exercises, take tests, and review lessons. She prefers working on the computer than on paper! For her, Kartable is extremely motivating. For us as parents, it's extremely reassuring. I would definitely recommend it..."

Prescillia R.

Isabelle T.

"My daughter is in her second year of high school and needs help taking notes in certain subjects. Kartable is a huge help as it offers all the courses she needs. Thank you!" »

Isabelle T.

Deborah A.

"My children use Kartable to learn and review their lessons. I use Kartable to follow my children's courses and re-familiarize myself with the subject matter so I can help them with their schoolwork."

Deborah A.

Thierry L.

"My 16-year-old son uses your site to review his math lessons and prepare for his written tests. I'm thrilled to see him regain confidence and improve his grades."

Thierry L.

Frequently asked questions

Which classes does Kartable comprise?

Kartable covers all the official curriculum from 9th to 12th grade. All content is created by our brilliant teachers.

Which subjects can be accessed on Kartable?

The following subjects are available on Kartable: Algebra I, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Geometry, Statistics & Probabilities, Trigonometry.

Can login details be shared by several students?

Our technology is designed and customized for use by a single student. The use of login details by several students is not possible. We offer special rates for parents with several children.

How do I cancel my subscription?

At the end of your billing cycle (every month or year), your Kartable subscription is renewed automatically to provide for uninterrupted service. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so with a single click in your online account up to 48 hours before its renewal .

Is it best to give children free rein, or supervise their use of the Kartable tool?

Unless your child is autonomous, we recommend that you accompany them in their use of Kartable. For example, you may wish to set aside 15 minutes per week to review their work and schedule.

Does my child need Kartable in addition to tutoring?

Yes. Kartable provides a unique method for children to organize their schoolwork, outside of context of tutoring. In particular, the weekly assessment allows students to eliminate gaps, all the while providing tutors with a summary of points that need to be addressed. In addition, thanks to Kartable, you can follow your child's progress and compare their results with those of all students in the US, in every subject.

Your child is already a good student...does he or she need Kartable?

Yes. Kartable provides children with a unique method that lets them organize their work more effectively, maintain their level, and even get ahead of the game. Thanks to our weekly assessment, gaps in subjects can be addressed immediately. Finally, our comprehensive dashboard lets you follow their progress in real time and compare their results with all students in the US, in every subject.

Is Kartable alone enough for success at school?

We recommend that all students use Kartable, but not as a substitute for school. Ideally, Kartable will be used at home as a complement for their schooling, under the supervision of a family member or teacher. In the case of homeschooling, Kartable is the perfect tool for structuring lessons.